The Terms and Conditions section is under construction to include all directives contained in the       

        new "Consumer Protection Act" for the Mutual benefit of ASI and all customers.   

                                                   Watch this Space.

Also comming soon is updated information on the Digital Terrestrial Transmissions about to be launched

                   by M-Net to replace the OLD Analogue M-Net Service.


A.S.I. is proud to be associated with the professionals - Architects, Consulting Engineers and Master Builders - and is dedicated to provide continued, quality service through recognized installation and maintenance practices.


Building on quality standards set by
M-Net Cable Systems over 20 years ago,
we invite you to put our offer of
professional assistance to the test!

With advances in the technologies employed in the television and entertainment industry, one cannot continue to specify systems and equipment which were hardly adequate five years ago.


We work closely with either developers or Private clients to ensure the systems and standards proposed meet the requirements in terms of functionality and budget constraints.


A.S.I. (Antenna System Installations) can satisfy all your Television, Data, Communication

and Audio Equipment and cabling requirements.

Contact us for reliable service and professional advice!

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