I am buying a new TV…there are so many to choose from…. which one?

Buying a new TV can be very exciting but could be rather confusing experience!  Buying the right TV could save you money and ensure that you have the best possible viewing experience. Use to the following “easy-to-understand” guidelines to assist with the decision on what is best suitable for you and your family.


Television Background


What is High Definition?

HDTV is a higher quality television picture; this quality is achieved by broadcasting double the amount of data to populate HD ready screens with more densely packed pixels.  Images appear sharper and colors are more vivid – All HDTV’s are widescreen.


If my TV is not widescreen, could I still view HD content?

Yes, but the picture on the older generation television will not be as clear.


If I get a HDPVR, can I still keep my current television?

Yes, you would still be able to view HD content but will be view in standard definition, not high definition.


How could I get the full HD experience?

To experience High Definition, you need to have a HDPVR decoder and a HD ready TV. The Decoder needs to connect directly to the HD ready TV that supports HDCP via an HDMI cable.


What is HDMI?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multi Media Interface; this is the way that High Definition equipment interconnects.


What type of Decoder should I buy?

Firstly, HD content will not be available unless you have a HDPVR, regardless of what type of TV you have.


For more information on different types of Decoders you can visit www.dstv.co.za


I live in a communal Complex with a shared dish, can I receive HD?

Yes, you will need a second cable connection from your communal system the same way a household would require a second cable from their own dish.


Can I view different channels in separate rooms if I upgrade to a HDPVR?

To view different satellite channels in different rooms you need two satellite decoders link via Xtraview.

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