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Communal Satellite Systems - Sectional Title Complexes.


Since the advent of Satellite Transmissions over Southern Africa, there have been many and varied attempts to provide Satellite services into apartments in these complexes.


Some Bodies Corporate are reluctant to get involved with the provision of these new “luxurious” services and left it up to Owners/Tenants to do their own thing, with disastrous results.


Others provided funds to upgrade their existing system to make provision for one satellite connection per flat. The connection into the flat would remain at the cost of the individual requiring the services and he would pay for such connection directly to the contractor.

The Body Corporate would maintain the system at their cost out of normal maintenance funds.


Most other Bodies Corporate adopted a system whereby a “Joining fee” would be paid to the Managing Agents who would manage the system by collecting the fees and paying the contractor to connect flats to the system once the Owner/Resident had paid the connection fee.


The fees charged range from each Body Corporate. The cost from the Contractor is for the cable & labour to provide the connection to a flat and would be billed directly to the Body Corporate.

The Balance of this Joining fee is used to pay for the expansion and maintenance of the system.

i.e.: where a building has a system with say … 12 ports, once these ports are used up, we have to provide additional Multi Switches to expand the system to accommodate the extra connections required.


The cost of these expansions is taken out of the balance of the accumulated Joining fees paid by the residents connected to the system.

That way, the owners who are not connected to the system cannot accuse the Body corporate of using their Levy money to provide and maintain luxurious systems which they do not use.

Of course all residents benefit from the existence of such a system in the building as an asset improvement which they could sell with the apartment in future.


More recently, even buildings which had systems with ONE port per flat are finding that a number of residents are upgrading to New HD PVR Decoders or Xtraview systems which require TWO cables from the system into the apartment.

This then requires Multi Switch upgrades to accommodate additional ports available for the residents to connect to.


Exactly the same System applies, the Individual requiring the extra cable connection should pay the “Joining Fee” for which they will receive one extra cable into the apartment. The Body corporate would pay the connection cost and the cost of the expansion Multi Switch and will then OWN the balance of the unused ports for sale to any future connection requests.

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